Dr. Bikash Sharma (President and Founder Chief Trustee)

IAMA Membership

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you as part of our Association whose foundation was laid in late 2013. Having spent over 18 years in a mix of both the corporate world as well as academics, what I observed was that there has always been a huge gap between what is being taught in the classroom vis-a-vis what the actual corporate requirement is today.

To an extent both the education system that we have, especially in a country like India as well as the corporate world is equally to blame. One of the major reasons for the same is that both sides barely interact with each other. The end result being, the education system keeps churning out millions of graduates every year using the same curriculum, negating the factor that the world, technology, geographical boundaries, everything is very dynamic today. The corporate on the other side keeps blaming the candidates that are churned out of these institutions saying that they lack knowledge. Studies have revealed that in a country like India alone, almost 80% of the engineering and management graduates who pass out every year are not "placement worthy".

Taking this issue as a background, we came up with this idea of developing a parallel education system which would work hand-in-hand with the corporate, keeping the economic demography into perspective and do our bit to ensure that we come up with educational programs and courses across the globe which are experiential in nature and ensure that the end product from these courses are employable across the globe.

Though, not an easy route, however, as we ventured into this journey, we did meet like-minded people like you who felt that what we are trying to initiate, is actually the need of the hour.

I once again, on behalf of International Academic and Management Association welcome you on board, what we proudly refer to as TEAM IAMA... ..let us all set sailing... ..


Dr. Bikash Sharma