Animal Welfare - I AM for Animals (IAMAnimals)

Animals and Animal Welfare is a common passion shared by a lot of members of Team IAMA. While individually, each one of them had been doing their bit, we felt that it would be wonderful if all of us could collectively come together and run it as a special unit. The end result was the birth of I AM for Animals, our philanthropic arm.

This is a voluntary body that we have formed under which we intend to conduct monthly events related to stray animals and their welfare.

At the organizational level, IAMA has committed 5% of it's revenue for this activity. Being a voluntary body, we welcome anyone who wishes to be a part of this initiative from within as well as outside the organization. Also we welcome donations from willing people in support of our initiative

The activities planned so far include:

  • Anti-Rabies Vaccination Drive
  • Sterilization Drives
  • Animal Ambulance Service
  • Awareness Campaigns in Schools, Malls, etc
  • Fund Raisers
  • Exhibitions / Fairs
  • Road Shows
  • Adoption Drives

In addition to volunteers, we also welcome NGOs and Animal Welfare Groups willing to collaborate with us on this. They can write to us on: