About Accreditation

While every institutions aims at offering the same without any doubt, it does make a lot of sense when a neutral third party assesses and certifies the above parameters. The advantage of an accreditation is multi-fold. While it does help an institution understand its real strengths and improvement areas from an independent lens, it also helps students make an informed choice while selecting an institution. An accreditation also helps the institutions attract international students

Quality of Education has always been on the forefront of the IAMA philosophy; with its President himself being involved in Quality focused processes and procedures during his tenure at both the Corporate and Academia

IAMA since its inception had been working with various Academic Quality Accreditation bodies at a global level with the aim of offering their services to the IAMA institutional partners.

IAMA is now in the process of launching its own International Accreditation Standards, combining the best practices from across various national and international accreditation agencies. The accreditation standards to be launched shall have an approval from the Education Departments/Boards of various countries besides having an equivalency arrangement from various other global accreditation agencies.