Faculty Training, Certification and Audit

It is important for a faculty, irrespective of the fact that he or she teaches in a school, college or university to reinvent himself and his teaching methods from time to time.

A basic example of this is the shift from offline teaching to the online teaching which happened during the pandemic. Taking into consideration this specific need, IAMA has partnered with reputed organizations across the globe to offer various levels of certification and re-certifications courses for not only the faculties but also the institutional management team.

The duration of such courses range from a one day workshop to up to 6 months programs. The programs would be offered both via the online and offline mediums. Launch of these programs shall be intimated from time to time.

One of the challenges faced by a lot of institutions is with regards to the quality of the teaching staff, both existing as well as the ones they intend to recruit.

IAMA has launched an audit mechanism for the faculty members which assesses them on various measurable parameters for the benefit of the teaching community at large and also the potential recruiters

The audit shall also help the teaching staff understand their training needs while also receiving feedback on the areas of improvement.

It has components including self assessment as well as third party feedback. The service is available for institutions as well as individual members of the teaching fraternity who wish to avail this service for self assessment and development