Chapter Activities

Some of the activities the Chapter shall be responsible for shall include:

  1. Actively promoting IAMA and its services across all segments within the country
  2. Working for creating necessary collaborations with the government agencies and the other government and non-government associations and bodies in the country to further strength the presence of IAMA
  3. Conducting IAMA Membership drive within the country for educational institutions, professionals, academicians and students (targets and numbers to be mutually decided with IAMA central leadership)
  4. Conducting International Accreditation for institutions within the country including appointment of local quality inspectors on honorarium for the same
  5. Conducting regular conferences and seminars for the academia, students and the corporate sector. The frequency of such conferences and seminars can be mutually decided with the IAMA central leadership
  6. Conducting / Facilitating Workshops and training Programs for the Academia, Students and the Corporate sector from time to time
  7. Facilitating Student Services including career counseling, international admission support, scholarships, internships, placements etc
  8. Assisting the (high) schools in upgrading their curriculum and academic system including setting up and launching high school programs on both online and off-line mode with international certification, using proprietary and licensed framework and curriculum
  9. Assisting the academicians of the country with services including joint paper writing, paper presentation, conference participation, chapter writing and book writing.
  10. Assisting research scholars and students with services including research grants, thesis, research guides etc
  11. Offering short and medium term executive certificate and diploma programs for the corporate, academicians and students under license from the parent organization or its affiliate institutions
  12. Acting as the local liaison office for the IAMA Open University of Florida (IIOUF) and IAMA International Tradelinks Private Limited (IITPL) for the approved activities

The above mentioned activities are inclusive in nature and can be modified, increased or decreased from time to time under advice or approval of the IAMA Headquarters

Also since the parent body is a partner of the WHO and the UN bodies including UNICEF, UNHRC, UNWFP, UNWPF, the Chapters are encouraged to share local issues and problems which fall within the scope of the above bodies. The Headquarters shall make efforts to seek assistance from the WHO and UN bodies to address such issues including project funding

Each Chapter is expected to operate as a self sustaining unit, generating its finances from the above mentioned activities and other activities which fall within the scope of the operations of IAMA