Introduction to the Chapters

The Board of Trustees of the International Academic and Management Association has agreed to allow the setting up of the organization’s Chapters across countries with the objective of increasing the global reach of the organization as well as ensuring that the maximum number of institutions, academicians and students can benefit from the service offerings of IAMA.
Each Chapter of IAMA will have a separate constitution comprising of a Board with representation from the Academia, the Corporate as well as the Student Community. The Board of the Chapter shall have no more than 8 members with a maximum tenure of 3 years. In specific cases, the tenure may be extended by an additional period of 3 years. The Board members shall comprise of a Chairman, a Secretary General and a Treasurer who shall be elected mutually by all the Board Members
Each IAMA Chapter shall be permitted to use the IAMA logo with the respective country / state / city name below it and shall be referred to by the same name. For example, an IAMA Chapter in Nigeria would be referred to as IAMA Nigeria and if we have a SubChapter in Nigeria in the state of Kano, it would be referred to as IAMA Nigeria (Kano). The logo with the name of the country and/or state shall have to be approved by the IAMA Headquarters in writing
The Board shall meet once a month, the day being the first Saturday of every month. The meetings shall cover the details of the activities planned and conducted over the period of the month as well as activities planned for the coming month. A statement of accounts shall also be presented by the Treasurer to the entire Board. The meeting shall be conducted and coordinated by the Secretary General. A copy of the Minutes of the Meeting and the Monthly Statement of Accounts shall be sent to the IAMA Headquarters
Each Chapter shall be constituted as per the law of the country concerned and shall seek necessary permission from the government authorities as mandated by the statute. A Chapter within a given country may have Sub-Chapters (local or regional) if necessary
Each Chapter and Sub-Chapter shall operate a separate bank account with the joint signatories being either of the two from amongst the Treasurer, the General Secretary and Chairman
The Chapter established within any country shall operate for the larger benefit of the local population including educational institutions, the academia, the student community and the corporate sector.

Chapter Activities

Some of the activities the Chapter shall be responsible for shall include:
  • Actively promoting IAMA and its services across all segments within the country
  • Working for creating necessary collaborations with the government agencies and the other government and non-government associations and bodies in the country to further strength the presence of IAMA
  • Conducting IAMA Membership drive within the country for educational institutions, professionals, academicians and students (targets and numbers to be mutually decided with IAMA central leadership)
  • Conducting International Accreditation for institutions within the country including appointment of local quality inspectors on honorarium for the same
  • Conducting regular conferences and seminars for the academia, students and the corporate sector. The frequency of such conferences and seminars can be mutually decided with the IAMA central leadership
  • Conducting / Facilitating Workshops and training Programs for the Academia, Students and the Corporate sector from time to time
  • Facilitating Student Services including career counseling, international admission support, scholarships, internships, placements etc
  • Assisting educational institutions with their expansion and their internationalization by helping the institutions set up offshore campuses, collaborations, credit transfers, pathway and twinning programs, student and faculty exchange etc. The central team of IAMA shall fully support the local chapter in this
  • Assisting the (high) schools in upgrading their curriculum and academic system including setting up and launching high school programs on both online and off-line mode with international certification, using proprietary and licensed framework and curriculum
  • Assisting the academicians of the country with services including joint paper writing, paper presentation, conference participation, chapter writing and book writing.
  • Assisting research scholars and students with services including research grants, thesis, research guides etc
  • Offering short and medium term executive certificate and diploma programs for the corporate, academicians and students under license from the parent organization or its affiliate institutions
  • Acting as the local liaison office for the IAMA Open University of Florida (IIOUF) and IAMA International Tradelinks Private Limited (IITPL) for the approved activities
The above mentioned activities are inclusive in nature and can be modified, increased or decreased from time to time under advice or approval of the IAMA Headquarters Also since the parent body is a partner of the WHO and the UN bodies including UNICEF, UNHRC, UNWFP, UNWPF, the Chapters are encouraged to share local issues and problems which fall within the scope of the above bodies. The Headquarters shall make efforts to seek assistance from the WHO and UN bodies to address such issues including project funding Each Chapter is expected to operate as a self sustaining unit, generating its finances from the above mentioned activities and other activities which fall within the scope of the operations of IAMA

Legal Statute

All the Global Chapters of IAMA shall be registered in the country of operation, provisioning for the laws and by-laws of that country
Any dispute arising within the local Chapter shall be referred to the IAMA Headquarters for arbitration. The decision of the Headquarters shall be final and binding on all parties
Any local Chapter which fails to adhere by the IAMA Charter and / or does not conduct any activities and / or has no performance to show shall be closed after adequate notice. In case of misuse of the organization name or logo or misrepresentation or dissemination of wrong information or concealing information, the Chapter shall be closed with immediate effect without any notice and the officers responsible for such omissions or commissions or misrepresentation shall be dealt under the adequate provisions of the law of the country concerned


IAMA seeks to have its Global Chapters across the continents with the objective of serving the cause of education in the best possible manner
IAMA currently has its Chapters in:
(List to be added)

Open an IAMA Chapter

IAMA invites expression of interest from institutions, agencies and individuals who are keen to set-up an IAMA Chapter in the unrepresented countries and states.
The interested party is requested to send us an email on with their expression of interest along with the country / state / county / province where they would be keen to open the Chapter. A representative shall contact the interested party within 7 working days to take the discussion forward


In the year 2020, IAMA decided to set-up its School of Vocational and Technical Education, offering employment (including entrepreneurship) oriented courses through its affiliate centers globally. Due to the pandemic, although the School was launched, IAMA had limited centers operating in Nepal only.
The IAMA School of Vocational and Technical Education is now being re-launched in 2022 and shall offer a host of certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses on both online and offline mode through its affiliate centers.
The offered courses are fully accredited by various agencies, universities and host of international institutions and shall also offer a progression path for the students for the diploma and advanced diploma courses.
Some of the courses being offered under the IAMA School of Vocational and Technical Education (IAMA SVTE) include:

  • Diploma in Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Management
  • Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Advanced Diploma in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Logistic and Supply Chain Management
  • Diploma in Project Management
  • Certificate Program in Automobile Repairs
  • Certificate Program in Auto Cad
  • Certificate Program in Computer Electronics
  • Certificate Program in Building Construction
  • Certificate Program in Electrical Installations and Fittings
  • Certificate Program in Carpentry
  • Certificate Program in Fittings
  • Certificate Program in Plumbing
  • Certificate Program in Computer Assembly and Repairs
  • Certificate Program in GSM Installation
  • Certificate Program in Mobile phone Repairs
  • Certificate Program in Tailoring
  • Certificate Program in Gas Welding
  • Certificate Program in Fire Safety
  • Certificate Program in Entrepreneurship
  • Certificate Program in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Certificate Program in ICT
  • Certificate Program in Mathematics
  • Certificate Program in English Language
  • Certificate Program in Soft Skills
All the above programs under both the heads are inclusive in nature and subject to change from time to time on need basis